YourMembership Target Groups - Custom Queries

The Informz for YourMembership integration allows you to use a Custom Query tool that can generate sophisticated and specific queries across multiple areas of data to generate results and create precise target groups. Let’s look at how to use this tool.


Navigate to the Exports & Reporting tab and click Build a Query or Report.

Enter a title for your query and select an Area of Interest.

Use the provided checkboxes and fields to enter any query filters you wish to include in your report. it is critical to ensure that you include Email Address and Website ID as fields in your query. If you do not, you may experience errors with your data transfer that prevent you from sending to your desired list.

Furthermore, please note that you must have at least one filter criterion saved before you can run your query. Click the Disk icon to save your filter (the icon will change to a Pencil. Click this to edit your filter).

Once you have set all your criteria, run the report to obtain your results.

When you have your results, click Save this Query. You must save your query BEFORE creating an Informz target group. You cannot create a target group list from the custom query if the custom query list is not saved.

Once the query is saved, the Email All # Records button displays. Click this button to generate the target group in Informz.

You are asked to name your target group.

Click Save to continue. After saving, a new window opens that indicates the sync with Informz is in progress. You may either close this window or click Continue to open the Informz Mailing Designer in a new tab where you can construct your mailing within Informz itself.


As you can see, the Informz for YourMembership Custom Queries can provide extremely precision targeting. Using the many different fields and filters available, you’ll find it’s easy to create pinpointed target groups based on any criteria combinations you can imagine!