YourMembership Target Groups - Overview

YourMembership queries/lists become target groups in Informz. Once saved, these lists are transferred to Informz to become an interest-based target group.

Each YourMembership list has a unique name that you can enter in the YourMembership UI. The name is carried directly to Informz, making it easy to identify these lists. Once in Informz, you can use different folders to reorganize your target groups into areas that make sense for you and your team (having such an organizational structure is a best practice because your target group numbers will likely increase overtime, and having a structure in place allows you to easily manage your target groups).

Target Group List Page

You can view a list of all target groups created in YourMembership on the Informz Target Groups page. To access this page, navigate to the Directory & CRM tab > Email & Newsletters and then click Target Groups.

Administrators can view and manually sync existing target groups from this page. A manual sync will force the system to update any records that may be added to or removed from the target group based on its criteria.

To update an existing target group from this page, click the Sync Data icon (two arrows).

Click OK in the confirmation pop-up window.

A new window opens that shows that your data sync is in progress. You can close this window or login to your Informz account by clicking Continue (this will open the Mailing Designer in a new tab).

Saving and Transferring to Informz

There is one process that saves searches in YourMembership. As above, these searches become target groups in Informz.

Whenever you create a query, YourMembership assigns that query a default name (e.g. “Directory Search”) along with a date/time stamp. This name can be replaced, and as a best practice, you’ll want to create a name that is easily recognizable in Informz. Note that each name must be unique.

Click Save to send the data to Informz. This opens a pop-up window that indicates the data is processing.

Click Continue to open a new browser tab that takes you directly to the Informz Mailing Designer.

Once the query is fully processed, it appears as an Informz target group that you can use in your mailings.

List Leverage

Taking advantage of the queries and lists in YourMembership is a great way to leverage the data in YourMembership in a very efficient way. A small investment in time learning about target groups is one that will yield high returns for all of your marketing and communications teams!