YourMembership Target Groups - Events Registration Lists

Events are important activities for any organization, but successfully executing an event can be daunting to say the least. Fortunately, the Informz for YourMembership integration eases this burden. By creating target groups from Event Registration Lists in YourMembership, you can work with your subscriber base to help increase event attendance and registration.


Navigate to the Features tab > Active # (under the Events heading) to select the desired event.

Hover over the Options icon and select Manage Restrictions.

Enter any filter criteria, and when ready, click Apply Filter to view the event registrants.

Enter a name for the list and click Save to create a new Informz target group.

Additional Notes

Only member and non-member records are included within a target group from an Event Registration list. Event registrants that are not linked to a member or non-member record cannot be included in the list sent to Informz.

If you wish to use Informz to mail to all registrants (including those without records), activate the Automatically Link Registrants to a Member/Non-Member Record option in the Event Creation Wizard.

RSVP for Success

Knowing which subscribers to reach out to is a great step toward event success, and using Event Registration Lists to generate target groups in Informz is the perfect solution.