YourMembership Target Groups - Directory Search

The YourMembersehip Directory Search tool obtains records based on your entered criteria. Directory searches are commonly used to generate bulk email lists in YourMembership, which in turn generate target groups in Informz.


Navigate to the Directory & CRM tab > Community Directory > Directory Search.

There are several search criteria fields. Enter any desired criteria, and when complete, click Search.

YourMembership displays the search results. Click Bulk Email All # Records within the Search Results Options.

A new window opens that prompts you to name your target group. This must be a unique name, and as a best practice, create an easily-recognizable name so that you can quickly identify the target group in Informz.

Click Save. This begins the target group sync and opens a pop-up window that indicates the sync is in progress.

The sync with Informz may take several minutes. Once the upload is complete, you'll receive a confirmation email notice in your administrative account. Click Continue to navigate directly to Informz's Mailing Designer.

Create a Bulk Email

Navigate to the Directory & CRM tab > Email & Newsletters > Create Bulk Email. YourMembership immediately opens the directory search (creating a bulk email brings you directly to the directory search feature).

Bulk Email to the Rescue!

By leveraging both the directory search and the bulk email feature within YourMembership, you can create complex target groups that keep you and your team on the leading-edge of email marketing. So go forth! Create as many directory searches as you need – you’ll be glad you did (just remember they need their own unique names!).