YourMembership Syncing

Syncing brings data from YourMembership into Informz. This process automatically updates information in Informz. This is the big time-saver for you and your team and also ensures data integrity between YourMembership and Informz.

Transferring Data

When you save the YourMembership list and select Bulk Email from the menu, the list contents transfer to Informz. You will provide a name for the resulting Informz target group created from this action.

Informz creates a new subscriber for each unique email address transferred from YourMembership. If Informz detects a duplicate email address, it will not be transferred into Informz (it already exists in the database).

Incoming YourMembership lists are queued in Informz and processed from that queue. An email notification confirms when transfers are complete. This notification also provides counts about how Informz categorized and processed the transferred data.

If a target group was not transferred and processed by the time you needed to save or schedule your mailing, you have two options:

  • You can wait for the transfer to complete (before saving or scheduling).
  • You can save the mailing with an existing target group and then return shortly to select the intended target group.

Automatic Nightly Sync of Target Group Data

There is a nightly process that runs at 3:00 am EST that checks all YourMembership target groups. If anything has changed within the target group (records added/removed, data changes, etc.), Informz will automatically sync the target group with the updated list. When you schedule mailings for the future, your recipient list will be up-to-date.

In addition to the automatic sync process, you can view target group lists and manually sync with YourMembership. See the related articles for more details.

Syncs = Peace of Mind

By syncing data regularly, you ensure that your target groups in Informz remain as up-to-date as possible. Data flowing from YourMembership to Informz will keep your databases aligned so you can rest easily and focus your efforts on engaging your subscribers.