YourMembership Single Sign-On

Because the Informz for YourMembership integration uses YourMembership’s Single Sign-On (SSO) feature, you can log into Informz by just clicking a menu item in YourMembership. You do not need to enter any additional credentials.


There are five ways to launch Informz from YourMembership:

  • Navigate to the Directory & CRM tab > Email & Newsletters > Informz Homepage.
  • Navigate to the Directory & CRM tab > Community Directory > Directory Search.
  • Navigate to the Ecommerce tab > Dues Processing or Store Processing.
  • Navigate to the Features tab > click Active # of events > click Manage Restrictions > create filters > click on Bulk Email Results Below.
  • Navigate to Exports & Report > click on Build a Query or Report > create filters > Save.

The first method launches the Informz homepage. All other methods navigate to the Mailing Designer in Informz where you can create a new mailing.

Simple and Secure

By using the SSO features inherent in YourMembership, you can seamlessly transition between Informz and YourMembership with ease and confidence that your data is secure.