YourMembership Overview

YourMembership is an Association Management System (AMS) that is designed to solve the problems faced by most associations. The integration with Informz provides an effective way to employ the strengths for both Informz and YourMembership to create engaging and efficient eMarketing campaigns by leveraging custom directory searches and queries in YourMembership to create targeted lists for your mailings. Furthermore, using Informz provides valuable deliverability services, robust reporting, and dedicated support.

Integration Overview

The Informz for YourMembership integration provides the following benefits:

  • Easy creation of Informz target groups in YourMembership.
  • Automated and on-demand syncing of target groups with YourMembership.
  • Effortless personalization using YourMembership fields in Informz mailings.
  • Seamless login to Informz through YourMembership’s Single Sign-On (SSO) capability.

Implementation Process Overview

Informz and YourMembership coordinate to create and configure your Informz account. Informz provides training and support through training classes, the Informz Community, and the Informz KnowledgeBase. Additionally, your Advisor guides you through any support and guidance you need with Informz.

Administrator Permissions

Administrators for the integration must have the Manage Admin Accounts and/or the Manage Bulk Email permissions in YourMembership to access the integrated Informz features.

Managing Unsubscribers

When subscribers unsubscribe from your mailings, Informz stores this information and prevents them from being included in target groups. This information is only visible in Informz.

Ongoing Support

If you have any questions about your Informz for YourMembership integration, contact your Advisor for support and guidance.