YourMembership FAQ

The following are Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about the YourMembership integration.


Are macros available with the Informz for YourMembership integration?

Macros are available with the integration. You have access to the same available macros that are in the YourMembership Bulk email feature. For example, username could be one of the macros used.

Will I be able to send a bulk mailing through YourMembership?

The Informz integration handles all mailings through the Informz platform. YourMembership's internal email capabilities are deactivated so that you can send all mailings through Informz.

Will mailings be sent from the Informz email servers or from the YourMembership email servers?

Emails are only sent from Informz servers as part of the integration.

Will Admins have the ability to use the “Alternate Email Address” field for their mailings?

No. This functions the same as it does without integration.

When specifying the name of a target group through the YourMembership Integration, will I receive an error message when the name matches an existing target group? If so is there a way to tell that the target group name needs to be unique?

You will see an error message if the target group name is not unique. You will have the ability to continue to create the group, but this will override the existing group in Informz. Alternatively, you can rename the new target group with a unique name.

Can I use a Custom Field in my Personalization macros for my bulk emails? If so, how would this be setup?

Currently, you cannot use a custom field in a personalization macro.

If a subscriber email address is updated in YM, will that email be updated in Informz as well?  Or will a new record be created in Informz?

If a email in YM is updated, the corresponding subscriber record in Informz for that email address/record number combination will be updated in Informz.  A new record will not be created if a record exists and has just changed.