Your Membership Target Groups - Compound Target Group Best Practices

Creating compound target groups is a powerful skill in Informz - one that takes little time to master and one that yields incredible results. However, you may wonder why you should create your compound target groups in Informz rather than in YourMembership. If this quandary is teasing your brain, this article will clarify that for you.

It's All About the Breakdown!

While you can create a custom query and directory search directly in YourMembership, it may be difficult to see the different filters used to identify the subscribers within the resulting target group in Informz. Remember, because filtering can easily require the sort of precision usually reserved for master watchmakers, sculptors, and other artisans, it's often critical to understand filter components. This is why Informz recommends using compound target groups instead of a complex query/directory search.

In YourMembership, you can create a custom query around a single filter criterion. By naming the query (and resulting target group) something you can easily identify, you'll know exactly who you've included. Create as many single-filter queries as you need. Once you do, you can easily combine or exclude as many as you need in a compound target group.

Viewing Component Target Groups

Understanding a compound target group's components is easy to do in Informz.

Hover over the Menu icon for your desired compound target group and click Info.

The target group pop-up opens.

Click the Expand tab. Here, you'll be able to see a full breakdown of the compound target group.

Don't Forget Your Queries

Don't forget that you need target groups from all your queries first. Once these have been established, you'll be on your way to creating some "solid" compounds!