Wrap Text Around and Image with Padding

Images can add a lot to a story. Do you want your image to be next to the text? Every time you try that, do you find that the words are too close to the image? Follow these next few steps and by the end you will have an image that is wrapped around the text with the desired amount of space in-between both.


Open a story in a mailing

Select the Insert Table tool

Insert a 1 cell table (1 x 1) at the beginning of a paragraph

Use the Insert Image tool to place an image in the table cell

Select the table by clicking on it. This will display the square handles in each corner of the table.

Select a corner handle and click and drag the table height and width to match the size of the image

With the table selected, right click on it to display the table menu

Select Table Properties

Add a numeric value to the Cell Padding field, the greater the number, the greater the white space

Set the Alignment field to Left or Right

Click Ok

The table with the image shifts to the right with the text wrapping around it and 5 pixels of padding between the two.

Alternate Table Sizing Approach

An alternative approach to using the sizing handles on a table is to remove any value in the width field, in Table Properties, to allow the table to dynamically resize based on the size of the image in the table. In the event that a different image is inserted in this table in the future, it will resize automatically.

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