What is Web Tracking?

Web tracking is a powerful tool that lets your organization understand how subscribers become visitors to your website. Additionally, it enables you to target emails to your subscribers based on their website activity.

Web tracking puts you at the threshold of marketing nirvana - here's how. Upon sending a mailing chock full of hyperlinks, your subscriber clicks a link to read content on your website. That action triggers a first-class cookie to be placed in their browser. The cookie communicates with Informz to link any page visits the subscriber makes back to their Informz record. If you've gone beyond the basic tracking and have implemented the code around a specific web page event (e.g. clickable image to display an events calendar) or a certain type of purchase, those insights will also stream back to Informz. And this occurs whether the subscribers clicks a link in a subsequently received mailing or if the subscriber goes directly back to your website.

With all the right pieces in place, the marketing attribution puzzle can be assembled so you understand your ROI and the experience you're creating for your constituents.

What Can I Track?

Three types of website activities can be tracked using Informz Web Tracking:

  • Page Views: Visits to individual page and visit duration.
  • Page Interactions: Interactions on your website (filling out forms, playing videos, downloads, etc.).
  • Online Purchases: Ecommerce and product transactions (membership renewals, certification purchases, donations, store purchases).

How Does It Work?

Informz provides small chunks of JavaScript code that you place on your web site. The initial chunk of code is placed in a header or footer on your website so that all page visits and durations can be tracked.

When a subscriber clicks a hyperlink with web tracking enabled, that action places a first class cookie in their browser. The cookie then communicates with Informz to link the web activity back to the subscriber record in Informz. Whether the subscriber goes to your web site directly or via a hyperlink in an Informz mailing, that subsequent activity will be tracked.

You can then track page interactions and purchases by inserting additional JavaScript at specific locations on specific web pages.


The ultimate goal of Web Tracking is to use site activities and visits to create target groups. This allows you to target mailings based on the pages that visitors have viewed, online purchases they have made, or interactions they have made on your website. For example, you may want to send an email to visitors who played a certain video or downloaded a specific white paper.

An additional benefit is using these target groups as filters in mailing activity reports to drill-down to this particular group.

Learn More?

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