What is a Preheader?

A Preheader is the top section of an email; it is the initial piece of your mailing that your recipients will see. While this area is often populated with substantive text, such as “Click here to download images,” it is typically better to include something more inviting.

When recipients look at your mailing, they will see your sender address and your subject line. The preheader is an additional tool that works alongside these elements to create a stronger allure. Below is an example of a preheader on a mobile device:

You will typically use a preheader for two main reasons:

  • Marketing: A preheader lets you include additional elements that will draw your recipients into a mailing.
  • Preview: A preheader also gives recipients a sense of what is to come within a mailing.

Where Does a Preheader Live?

A preheader will live in the HTML code of your mailing – typically a bit below the <head> tags. You may want to include a preheader as an Informz location code at the top of your template, as well.

Note that there are a few different ways to create preheader content in Informz. Never fear – you are covered! Check out the related articles to learn more.


Preheaders, while quite useful, are not foolproof! There are some nuances that you must be aware of when using them. For example, many email clients do not recognize or display preheaders. Similarly, if you are not conscious of your content, you may find yourself with HTML text in the preheader instead (i.e. an email client might parse the code rather than the message).

All in all, think of it this way: failing to understand these nuances could be detrimental! For example, you could end up placing unwanted content in your subject line!

First Impressions

Remember, a preheader is part of your first impression. Like an addendum to your subject line, it gives your recipients the opportunity to see a bit more deeply into your content. Also, remember that the key idea for preheader content is to make sure that it is ultimately at the top of your mailing! As long as the first piece of viewable content is the same as the preheader content, it will appear as the preheader.