WebLink Syncing

To use the Informz for WebLink integration, you'll need to sync your database. The WebLink user instructions for syncing with Informz can be found here through the WebLink help center. Please note that this requires you to have a login with WebLink.


Once you've configured your Informz integration,  WebLink syncs your profiles and Interest lists with your Informz subscribers. Additionally, it populates the Contact Records and Unsubscribes (Do Not Email flags) in WebLink automatically (once each night). If you would like to manually push these data at any time, you can do so in the Mass Communicator in WebLink.

Keep in mind that if you want to manually push data from Weblink, you'll need to first create an Interest in Informz. This interest must have the same name as the affiliation code in your Weblink query. This guarantees that your sync will succeed. If not, you'll see the sync in your Informz Upload History, but the sync will not create a new target group!

Navigate to Communications > Send Mass Communication in WebLink.

Click the Informz Manual Integration tab.

Select one or more Affiliation Code lists in WebLink that you wish to sync with Informz. All profiles that belong to the select Affiliation Codes are added as subscribers in Informz. If the Affiliation Code is an interest in Informz, the subscribers are also added to the corresponding target group.

Select a date range for profiles that have been added/updated to update the list in Informz. Choosing a smaller date range results in a faster manual sync, but you can set the date back to any previous year to ensure that you capture all profiles.

Click Sync Lists with Informz. The sync runs in the background, and you'll be notified via email when the sync is complete along with the results of the sync.

Make Sure You're Whitelisted!

To run the manual sync from your machine, the IP address from which you are accessing the Internet needs to be whitelisted by Informz. You can determine your IP address by Googling "What is my IP" and then contacting your Informz Advisor or contact to whitelist that IP address.