GoToWebinar Target Groups

When you integrate Informz with GoToWebinar, Informz automatically generates target groups for your session (or group of sessions). Each completed webinar will have three distinct target groups:

  • A group of all registered participants.
  • A group of all registrants who attended the webinar.
  • A group of all registrants who registered but did not attend the webinar.

Note that the first group (all registered participants) is created with the first sync with an organizer after the webinar is created. The other two groups (attended and did not attend) are created with the first sync after the first webinar session. Groups associated with webinars that occurred more than one year in the past are not synced.

The webinar integration will only match registrants or attendees to known subscribers.

Synchronizing Lists of Target Group

You can sync target groups directly from the Target Groups list page. When this page loads, Informz will check all organizers. If the check does not pass for all organizers, it will display a status message.

Click Refresh Target Group List to force a list refresh of the webinar target groups.

The list sync will create a new target group for registered participants. Additionally, it will create attended/did not attend target groups for any webinar sessions that were help since the last sync. Note that the list refresh will not occur immediately, and it may take several minutes for the list refresh to display.

Synchronizing a Single Target Group

You can also sync a single target group.

From the hover menu in the list view, select Info.

Click Resync Now to perform an on-demand sync.

Webinar Target Group Names

For each webinar, Informz will create a target group of registrants prior to the session. This target group is named with the webinar’s scheduled date/time.

The attended/did not attend target groups are named with the actual start date/time of the session.

Additional Considerations

When hosted webinars are canceled, it does not delete the target groups on the Informz side. However, you will see an error when you try to retrieve counts on target groups for deleted webinars. You can still send a mailing using the Target Group with previously-synced subscribers.

However, if a webinar was created, but not started, it will only have one target group created (the registrant target group). In this situation, if the target group is deleted in the remote system, it will be removed from the brand.

Roll Call!

Keeping attendance has never been simpler, and by integrating your webinar directly with Informz, you can use your participant lists with all the features that Informz has to offer.