Web Tracking Troubleshooting FAQ

If Web Tracking is not behaving as expected, you may need to make additional changes to your configuration. Below are some frequently asked questions with potential answers.


Question: Why am I not receiving data from my site (according to the Web Tracking Setup page)?

Answer: There are a few probable reasons:

  • If no one is visiting your site, the JavaScript will not be run and cannot send information to Informz. If you’ve placed the code properly, visiting your website will run the JavaScript and send the data to Informz.
  • If you have not placed the code on your website properly, Informz will not receive any data. Double check to make sure that the JavaScript has been placed in a location that will appear on every page of your website (use the information on the View Instructions page as a guideline for the Web Tracking code).
  • If you are tracking multiple domains, make sure that the JavaScript is placed in the appropriate website. Mismatching the code and domains will prevent you from receiving data.

Question: Why are there no Known Users showing up in my Informz Web Tracking reporting?

Answer: You will need to send a mailing to your subscribers that contains at least one link to the website that you are tracking in order to collect Known Users in Informz. When subscribers click a link to your website, Informz will add two parameters to the end of your URL. Those parameters in the URL are analyzed by the Web Tracking codes to add cookies into the browser to track all future visits by the subscriber in question.

Question: Is it possible that a Known User may become an Unknown user?

Answer: Yes. If users switch to another web browser, then the Web Tracking cookie that was stored upon clicking on your mailing is no longer available. They will need to click on another link in one of your mailings to view in the new browser so that they get the proper cookies added for your web site. For example, if a user switches from Firefox to Chrome, the cookies will only exist in Firefox (not in Chrome) and the user cannot be tracked until he or she clicks a link and views that mailing in Chrome.

Question: I am getting tracking and purchase information sent from my website to the Informz Web Tracking reports, but it references items that are not available for purchase on my site, and it references Interactions that don’t make sense to what my website is all about. Why are these appearing in my Web Tracking Reports?

Answer: You or your web developer may have included information from the code samples that are provided on the Informz Web Tracking Instructions page without customizing the function parameters for your organization’s particular needs. The web tracking instructions are only a guideline; they contain code structures that must be used for web tracking to work. However, the string values that are in the parameters will need to be customized for each interaction and purchase you wish to track. The only code that does not change is the basic web tracking code that is responsible for gathering known users. If you want to track interactions and purchases, it will require some JavaScript and HTML experience to place these properly. Informz can assist, but only up to a certain point.

Question: In Web Tracking Setup, my site is showing up as red and Not Receiving Data. We changed nothing on our site – why is this the case?

Answer: Informz monitors information over a 24-hour period. If a user visits your site at 10:00 am and then leaves at 10:05 am (and no one visits thereafter for 24 hours), your site will indicate that you are not receiving data by 11:05 am the next day.

Try visiting your own site. If this does not change things, you may have it configured to ignore your own IP, so visiting your site from an alternate site or from a mobile device may work. If you are still having difficulty, there may be a configuration issue. Contact your Advisor for additional help.

Question: Why are my Interactions and Purchases not showing up in my Web Tracking Report?

Answer: There is a slight delay between when the data gets sent from your website and when Informz reflects these activities. This delay can take up to a few hours.

If the delay is not affecting the activity, there are additional considerations:

  • Make sure you have uploaded the latest code to your website. If the code has only been added to a local file, it will not show up on your site!
  • Check for JavaScript syntax errors. A simple, yet common, mistake could be the source of the problem (see the screenshot below for an example).

Don’t Worry!

Errors are a common part of the development process! As long as your testing finds these before you "go live" you will be good to go. Let the tracking commence!