Web Tracking Purchases

You can track the Purchase transactions that occur on your web site with Informz Web Tracking. This is helpful to create follow up/thank you mailings, or even for creating target groups that will feed campaigns. You can set goals for your campaigns based on purchases as well. Whether it is for following up with a subscriber on a purchase, or providing support for a purchase transaction, having a record of the purchases of a specific subscriber automatically linked with mailing activity will yield greater insights as well as being a huge time saver. 

Setting Up Purchase Tracking

Navigate to Admin > Setup > Web Tracking

Once the details of the domain that you are tracking have been entered, click on View Instructions

The Instructions page contains all of the Web Tracking coding that needs to be added to your website for tracking.  Purchases, (which would be ecommerce transactions such as membership renewals, certification purchases, or apparel etc.) are one of the three types of interactions that can be tracked with Web Tracking.

A little over half-way down the Instructions page, there is a box that contains the custom code that needs to be added to the website that you are tracking in order to track Purchases.

Viewing Purchase Data

Navigate to Marketing Automation > Web Tracking and click on the Purchases tab.

Once some purchases have been made, the data about the purchases will appear in the Purchases tab.

Pop Goes the Purchase Tracking!

Whether they are spending a penny on a spool of thread or a penny for a needle, that's the way the money goes...and it's all logged in your Purchase Tracking!  You will never have to miss an opportunity to automatically send "Thank You" mailings after a purchase is made ever again. Use Purchase Tracking to stay engaged with your subscribers that are making these transaction, and put all of the reporting data for to work for you for your campaigns as well!