Web Tracking Overview

Web Tracking will enable your organization to better understand how your visitors are using your website and will also enable you to target emails to your subscribers based on their website activity.

Informz Web Tracking allows you to track three types of activities that occur on your website:

  • Pageviews - visits to individual pages.
  • Page Interactions - interactions on your site such as filling out forms, playing videos, downloading white papers, or anything that you can control with JavaScript.
  • Online Purchases - ecommerce transactions such as membership renewals, certification fees, or merchandise purchases.

All of your web visitors will be tracked. Some of your users will be Anonymous and others will be Known. A Known User is someone whose web activity you can connect to a subscriber record in Informz. Informz allows you to target emails to Known Users based on the pages they visit or their online interactions.


To set up Web Tracking, navigate to Admin > Set Up > Web Tracking

Click Add New Domain to enter the details (domain name, IP addresses to ignore, and parameters to retain) of the website that you would like to track.

Click Add Domain.

Note that if a domain has been set up, and information has been collected, that information persists in Informz, even if the domain is later removed. Informz does not delete the already-collected data.

Click View Instructions to view a custom page that provides all of the information that you need to submit to your web developers.

Once your web developers have successfully added the Web Tracking code to the web site, you can navigate to Marketing Automation > Web Tracking to view the details for all of the sessions on your website.


Informz Web Tracking is very similar to Google Analytics. If you are already using Google Analytics, the Informz Web Tracking code will not conflict with it. Now you will have the power of all of that data available to build target groups and to feed campaigns based on how your subscribers interact with your website.

Be a Star and Go the Distance!

Good marketing automation is not about sprinting; it's about setting up campaigns that will go the distance! Web Tracking will provide you with another method to create target groups to feed your campaigns, or to generate new and dynamic lists of subscribers that are interacting with your website. Alright - on your mark, get set, AUTOMATE!