Web Tracking Interactions

Informz can track Interactions on your site such as filling out forms, playing videos, downloading white papers or anything that you can control with Javascript. This can be an incredibly helpful tool for following up with our subscribers when they have performed an action to indicate a specific area of interest on our web site.

You have many options for tracking Page Interactions. You can go through your website page by page and map out each interaction that you would like to track in Informz. Look for interactions that will identify the intent or level of interest of the user. Tracking too many interactions will make it difficult to use later.

Setting Up Interactions Tracking

Once you have determined which interactions you would like to track, you can navigate to Admin > Set Up > Web Tracking and click on View Instructions for the domain that you are tracking. The page that you are taken to has instructions and sample code that can help your web developers, who ultimately add the code to the appropriate areas of your website.

Once the code has been added to the site, you can navigate to Marketing Automation > Web Tracking and then click on the Interactions tab to view the details for the Interactions that you are tracking on the web site.

Lights, Camera, Interaction!

Your subscribers are the stars of the show. Like a paparazzo, follow their every move through your website and let Informz take a snapshot of their interactions with the Web Tracking feature. You can create Web Tracking target groups based on which Interactions have been performed by your subscribers, which is a great and time saving way to feed your campaigns, or every just to create mailing lists to follow up with subscribers based on an area of interest that their interactions are alluding to!