Web Archives

Informz’s web archive feature allows you to create an archive of mailings that you have published from your Informz account. This web archive is publicly visible and can be embedded on your organization’s website (each web archive has a link that you can use on your website to allow visitors to read your newsletters and other published mailings) or it can be hosted via Informz. You can create as many web archives as you need for your different mailing types.

Please note that the web archive feature is different from the web version of a mailing. The web version references the template in real time while the archive provides a “preserved” copy of the mailing that does not change (even if the template changes).


Navigate to Mailings > Options > Web Archives.

Click Add Web Archive.

Enter the following details for the new web archive:

  • Archive Name
  • Form Branding
  • Sorting Criteria

Click Update to create the archive.

Adding Mailings to Your Archive

After you have created an archive, you’ll want to add mailings. Click the Mailings icon that corresponds to your web archive.

In the new window, click Add Mailing to Web Archive.

The Modify Mailing window opens.

Enter the following details for your added mailing:

  • Display Name: The name viewable on the web archive page.
  • Mailing: The specific mailing added to the web archive. Note that you can only add previously published mailings to a web archive!
  • Active Status: The active or inactive status of the mailing (only active mailings appear on the web archive page).
  • Expiration: The mailing’s expiration status. If you set a mailing to expire, the menu expands and allows you to select an expiration date.

Click Update to complete.


Once you’ve created a web archive and added mailings, you’ll need the URL to link to it. This is found on the main web archive page next to the corresponding web archive.

Linking to Archived Mailings

To insert a link to an archived mailing, begin in the HTML Editor.

Highlight the section of text that you wish to link and click the Insert/Edit Hyperlink icon.

A new window opens. Click the dropdown and select the link type Archived Mailing. You can link to a single mailing or the entire archive.

Click the Archived Mailing dropdown list to select a specific archived mailing.

Enter a name for the mailing.

Optionally, click the Protected checkbox to make the link password protected.

When complete, click Insert Hyperlink.

After You Send...

Make sure that you manually add your mailing to your archive after you send it! This keeps your archive current with your most up-to-date mailings.

Like the Great Library…Only Online

While your web archive may not be the Great Library at Alexandria, giving your subscribers access to your past mailings is a great way to virtually continue to share that content for a long period of time!