Add Questions to Your Ballot

Once you have at least one ballot page created, you can start adding voting questions to your ballot. It's always helpful to have your questions (and potential options) ready before you create your ballot questions. Likewise, think about any styles you might want to apply to your ballot questions. A little bit of upfront planning can ensure that your ballot looks and feels exactly how you would like.

Adding Questions

Click Create New Question.

The Add New Question to Page window opens.

Question Name: Enter a question name (this is for internal use only).

Responses Required: There are three options to choose from the dropdown list.

  • Question Requires a Single Answer
  • Question Accepts a Single Answer (but no answer required)
  • Question Allows Multiple Answers - The voter can select multiple answers based on how many you set. For example, if you have five choices and you want to the voter to choose at least two but no more than three, set the minimum required number to two and the maximum allowed number to three.

Random Option Order: If you check this feature, the options that appear on the ballot will be in random order
for each voter.

Content: Add the question exactly as you wish it to appear on the ballot. Use the editor toolbar to add styles, images,
or hyperlinks.

Click Next.

Adding Options

Begin by adding options to the question created above. Each option must be listed separately.

Option Type: Choose Selection or Write-in from the dropdown menu. This allows for voters to
select an option or to write in in their choice on the ballot.

Option Name: Enter an option name (this is for internal use only).

Content: Add the option that displays on the ballot for the voter to choose from. Use the editor to
customize the option in any format or style.

Click Update to return to the Main Ballot page

Click Add New Option to add another option to this question. Continue adding options to questions and questions to the ballot pages until you have completed your ballot.

Wait, Everything is Out of Order!

Image that you've done plenty of homework for your ballot, but accidentally put the question for treasurer ahead of president! If you ever need to rearrange the order of your votes, simply click Re-Order Questions to open the Questions Dialogue. Here, you'll use the provided buttons to move the questions up or down as necessary.