Add Ballot Pages

Once you have your ballot set up, the next step is to create pages. If you are creating a ballot with multiple pages, it is best to name each page as it corresponds to the questions on that page. For example, if you have one page for the President of the Board of Directors, you might want to name your page "Board - President."


After you create a ballot, Informz automatically navigates to the Add New Page to Ballot page.

Here, you'll enter the following information:

  • Page Name: Enter a page name for your ballot page. As above, this should help you identify which questions are available on this page.
  • Page Header: This is the title of the header for the ballot page. It can be stylized using the HTML editor or can be left blank if you do not need a header.

Click Update to finish.

Once you have your page in place, you can add as many questions as necessary to that page. Note that pages are a great way to organize similar questions.

Set the Stage with Pages

Once you have your page (or pages!) ready, it's time to add questions to your ballot. As above, remember that you can add multiple questions to a single ballot page.