Create a Ballot

Ballots are the very heart of any voting methodology. They give your members and constituents the ability to make their voices heard. With that in mind, let's look at how to create a ballot in the Informz voting module.

Note that term "ballot" refers to every component of the voting form (properties, pages, and questions). This article specifically shows you how to create a ballot and set up its initial properties before adding pages and questions.


Navigate to Modules > Voting > Create (note that if you have not created a folder, you'll need to do so before you create a ballot)!

The Add New Ballot window opens.

Here, you have several options for your ballot:

  • Folder: Click the dropdown list to select the folder to store the new ballot.
  • Ballot Name: Enter a name for the ballot. This is for internal use only.
  • Title: The public name of your ballot that displays in the voter’s browser.
  • Form Branding: Click the dropdown list to select a branding style for the ballot page(s).
  • Dedupe Mailings: Check this checkbox to ensure that each email address receives only one invitation to the ballot.
  • Messages: These messages appear automatically once a subscriber submits or confirms a vote. Click Show to customize these messages. Message options include:

  • Thank You Message: This message appears after subscribers submit their votes. It indicates that subscribers must confirm their votes for the votes to be counted.
  • Disclaimer Message: This message appears on the ballot page above the ballot questions. It typically notes that all votes are confidential and counted one at a time.
  • Page Review Message: This message displays on the confirmation page and shows the selections made by the subscriber.
  • Confirm Review Message: This message prompts subscribers to review their selections and confirm their vote.
  • Confirmation Message: This is the final message that displays after subscribers confirm their votes.
  • Polling Window: Set the time frame for the voting window.

Click Next to save your ballot and proceed to the next step (creating ballot pages).

Make Every Vote Count

Remember, making sure you have all the questions above answered is only the first step to creating a full ballot. Once you've created the initial ballot, you'll need to create a set of pages and ballot questions.