Virtual Inbox

In either Template Designer or Mailing Designer (Review & Activate or Review & Send tabs respectively), users can use Virtual Inbox Tests. These tests show you how your template or mailing should appear in different mailing clients.


Open a mailing in Mailing Designer or a template in Template Designer. Navigate to either the Review & Activate tab (Template Designer) or the Review & Send tab (Mailing Designer).

Scroll down to the Virtual Inbox Test heading.

You'll see the number of tests remaining in your account as well as a dropdown list that shows you any previous tests that you have conducted. Click View Results to see any past results.

Click Run Test to begin a test. After a few minutes, you'll see results for Desktop, Mobile, and Webmail clients.

Note that users must have the the "Virtual Inbox Test Ordering" permission to order additional tests!

Ready When You Need Them

Testing is a big piece of your success, so make sure you check out how your mailings look! Remember, your subscribers almost certainly use many different devices and clients!