Viewing The Campaign Designer

Sometimes the design of a campaign requires a number of steps to create the flow and routing needed. When a campaign becomes filled with more steps, it can be more challenging to be able to easily see the entire campaign. These tools below help you to navigate around the canvas in an efficient way.


The Navigator provides a bird’s eye view of the campaign.  Click on the dark blue Navigator tab on the right hand side of the screen to expand that panel.  You can then slide the selector box around to jump to that view in the main campaign display.


The zoom slide bar increases and decrease the size of the campaign.


You can print the canvas view of the campaign

Take a Tour

This tool provides a step by step on-screen tour of the Campaign Designer interface. This is particularly helpful for new users of Campaign Designer.


The align button reorganizes the steps on the canvas. The steps remain in the same left to right order that they were placed on the canvas. The spacing is adjusted to be as equal as possible and the connecting lines are straightened as mush as possible too. One note - any comments on the canvas will be grouped together and placed in the lower right corner of the canvas.

Before clicking Align

After clicking Align

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