View Subscriber Upload History

After a list of email addresses is uploaded into Informz, it becomes a target group in the Interest folder. You can see the details of any uploaded list by viewing the uploaded history.


Navigate to Subscribers > Upload > Upload History.

A new window appears with a listing of all uploads from the last 90 days with all of the needed details.

Each upload includes a record of the date and user who made the upload. Invalid Emails are any email addresses that are missing the "@" symbol or a domain and will not be added to the newly uploaded list. Any Previous Unsubscribers will be recorded and removed from the new Interest before it is created.

Viewing Additional Upload Data

To see more data for any upload, click the Columns button in the navigation. A pop-up window appears. To add a new column to your view, click the "+" icon next to any column. The left to right display order of columns is controlled by the top to bottom order of the selected columns. The order can be changed by dragging and dropping the columns.

Click Ok when done. The newly selected columns will now be visible.

Upload Details

You can see all of the settings used for a particular upload in the Upload Selections column. Click the View link in upload selections to see all the details. This includes:

  • Data Format used
  • Mailing format
  • Interest for new subscribers
  • Interest for existing subscribers
  • Count of uploaded email addresses

Upload History Solves Mysteries

If anyone uploads a list and can't remember what Interest the subscribers were added to, the upload history will tell the tale. Now that you know, add "digital sleuth" to your list of credentials!