Create a vCard

Informz users can link to a vCard contact file in a mailing. When subscribers click on this link, the vCard creates a new contact in the address book of their default email client. vCards are supported by most major email clients (e.g. Microsoft Outlook). Let’s look at the way to create a vCard in Informz.


Navigate to Mailings > Options > vCards & vCalendars.

Click the vCard tab.

Click Create vCard.

The Add vCard window opens. Complete all fields marked with a red asterisk (*) and any other fields as necessary. Note that the Card Name is an Informz-only title.

When complete, click Save to save your vCard.

The new vCard appears with a yellow highlight in the vCards tab.

Inserting a vCard in a Mailing

You’ll use the Insert Hyperlink icon in the HTML editor to insert a vCard in a mailing.

Highlight the text in your mailing that you wish to use for the vCard link and click the Insert Hyperlink icon.

The Insert Hyperlink window opens.

  • Click the Hyperlink Type dropdown list and select vCard. This expands the window with a new dropdown list.
  • Click the vCard dropdown list and select the vCard you wish to link.

Click Insert Hyperlink to finish.

The vCard link now appears in your mailing.

When subscribers click the vCard link, they are prompted to save your information in their email client.

“Begin First Contact Protocols”

When one really looks at them, vCards are essentially virtual business cards that are stored in a contact file. They are simple to create, are a great method for establishing a new connection, and a fantastic way to make it especially easy for your subscribers to have the contact information for your organization in a ready-to-use format.