Use the Reviewer Tool

Do you need a large group of people to review your mailing before it gets sent to your subscribers? Informz has just the right tool for you! Informz invented the Reviewer for this specific reason. When you need a group of people to make edits and comments, it can be very easy to accidentally overwrite someone else's work. To ensure that this doesn't happen, the Reviewer generates the online version of the mailing and allows people to review it and make comments. When the review period is over, you have one set of changes to implement that all of your reviewers have contributed to.

Pssst - You also have a complete audit trail in case someone "forgets" that they told you to change your logo color from blue to puce!

Location Specific Comments

To add a location specific comment, hover over the location and click.

A new window appears. Enter the comment and click Add Comment.

The comment generates on the left hand side with a green border and a green location tag is placed on the location where you made the comment.

General Comments

To add a general non-location specific comment, click Add in the upper left hand corner.

A new window opens where you can enter in the comment. When done, click Add General Comment. 

The comment appears on the left hand side with a blue border.

Organizing by Comment

To sort the comments, use the dropdown list.

Choose among View All Comments, View General Comments or View Location Comments and the comments filter appropriately.

To change a comment that was made, click Edit.

To remove the comment, click Delete

To reply to a comment, click Reply and a new window opens allowing you to add a comment.

When Complete

When you have completed your comments, you can close your browser window.

Edit Email After Review (MD2-Only)

If a Mailing Designer 2 (MD2) email has comments, a Comments handle appears on the right side of the Mailings page. Note that only users who created the mailing or who were a commeter see this tab.

Click the Comments handle to expand it. If the mailing has been sent for review multiple times, a dropdown appears for all the past times it was sent for review.

Give It a Try!

Using the reviewer is an ideal way to have a group of people edit the mailing. If everyone accessed the mailing and make their own edits, they run the risk of accidentally overwriting each others' work because Informz is a web-based application. The best way to ensure that this does not happen is to take advantage of this tool!