Use Personalization in Friendly From

The ability to personalize is not limited to what you can put in a story. You can also use personalization codes in a few other places in a mailing. This article looks at personalizing the Friendly From fields. Doing this can show huge benefits and help engage your subscribers.


The first step in this process is to determine which personalization field you want to use in the Friendly From. You will be typing this name into the field (along with the %% on either end).

Navigate to Mailings > View and either select or create a mailing to work with

If you know the exact name of the personalization field that you will be using, skip to the next step. If not, you can look up the personalization field by doing the following:

  • Navigate to the Design tab
  • Edit or Create a story
  • Click the Insert Personalization tool on the toolbar
  • Select the personalization field that you want to use
  • Click Insert
  • Copy the %%Personalization Field%% from the story
  • Close the story without saving
  • Navigate back to the Set-Up tab

On the Set-Up tab, click the From field in the Envelope section of the page to open the From Information pop-up.

Paste in the previously copied personalization code. (You can also type the code in if you know it!)

Click Update to save the change

Click Save on the Set-Up tab to save this change with the mailing.

When you send your mailing, the value in the personalization field will be merged into each subscriber's mailing. The personalization itself is merged from the subscriber's associated field in Informz (or the AMS or CRM for Integrated users). Let's use the "Membership Rep" personalization field from the screenshot above as an example. If Subscriber One's rep is "Sally" and Subscriber Two's rep is "Ken," then each subscriber would see his or her unique rep's name appear in the Friendly From.

Customizing Mailings via Personalization

The effective use of personalization can really help engagement and learning via email marketing. Think about the data that will make it clear to your subscribers that this mailing is for them and, more importantly, that it's about them!