Use Personalization in a Story

Informz personalization draws data from three areas of a subscriber’s profile Info: Personal Info, Demographic Categories, and Invoicing. These fields are populated with data by uploading a list (most common), subscription form data, or manually modifying a subscriber record. As long as the data exists in the subscriber’s Informz profile, you can use personalization in your mailing. And who doesn't love seeing their name in a mailing!


When editing your story, place your cursor where you’d like the personalization to appear. Click the Insert Personalization icon on the toolbar to open the list of personalization codes to select from.

The window that opens allows you to a Personalization Type (Personal Info, Demographic Categories, and Demographic Fields.) Invoicing only appears if it is active in your account.

After selecting the type, a list of available fields appears. Select the field you want and click the Insert button to place the code in your content.

This become a placeholder for where the data from the selected field will display in the story. You won't see any data appear while you are designing the mailing. To be able to see some data you have to send the mailing to a subscriber who's email address you can access, and then view the completely formatted mailing content.

Personalization Power!

Personalization can be a very powerful tool in your email marketing bag of tricks. Use it to emphasize some level of engagement or behavior that you either want to highlight or encourage. Personalizing goes way beyond just "First Name" - get creative!