Using Branch Logic

Branch Logic allows you to create an advanced survey. For instance, a particular response to a question could lead to a page with specific questions regarding that answer. This creates a survey better tailored to the respondent's answers and leads to more insightful responses and information.

For example, the question “Which day will you attend?” appears on Page 2, and the choices are Wednesday and Thursday.

  • If the answer is Thursday, you want the person to answer an additional question.
  • If the answer is Wednesday, the survey ends and goes directly to the Thank You page.

Using branch logic does come with some extra planning and thought. Surveys with this advanced feature need at least one direct (non-branch logic) flow in order to work.

It also requires at least two survey pages for the flow of the survey to branch.


Add New Page

Continuing on with our sample survey, you now need to add the follow-on page if they answer "Thursday". Click Add New Page and select the page it will follow. In this example, name it Page 2A (it follows Page 2).

Next, add a question related to the Thursday answer from Page 2.

Flow Logic

The flow logic step determines how the survey should "flow" based on the responses from the survey-taker. 

As a best practice, use a whiteboard or paper to map out the flow of the survey logic. This will help you as you put all the pages together and assign each page flow.

Select each page that is involved in a branch and apply the path it takes. To continue with the example, click on the Page 2A link to tell the survey what has to happen to get the survey-taker from Page 2 to Page 2A.

Select Choose Branch Logic and select the answer that will take a person to the additional question created on Page 2A.

Click Submit.

Note that there must be a Default Path for every grouping of pages. In this case, the Default Path proceeds from Page 2 to the Thank You Page.

Branch Out

Branch logic allows your surveys to be more efficient by going more in depth with questions depending on the previous answer! Go out there and get that valuable information!