User Permissions

Permissions give users access to different areas of Informz. When you add an authorized user to your account, you must set at least one permission for that user. Permissions ultimately help you manage your set of users by letting you categorize which areas of Informz you want a specific staff member to access.


There are several different permissions available in Informz. To give permissions, to a new user, use the following procedure:

Navigate to Admin > Authorized Users > Manage Users.

Click Create.

Scroll to the User Permissions heading.

Check the corresponding checkbox for each permission you wish to provide to the new user.


The table below provides an outline of all the permissions available to Informz authorized users. They are presented in the same order as they appear in the UI.

Allows the user to create and modify mailings.
Allows the user to publish and schedule mailings.
Template Designer
Allows the user to create and modify templates.
Allows the user to import banner ads into Informz and attach banner ads to mailings.
Allows the user to make changes to the subscriber list (e.g. add subscribers, modify subscribers' profiles, unsubscribe) and create target groups.
Only Send Email
Allows the user to only publish and schedule mailings.
Allows the user to view various reports in Informz.
Account Manager
Allows the user to access the account’s monthly invoices.
Allows the user to change system settings, modify subscription forms, modify templates, and add authorized users to log into the system.
Block Ordering
Allows the user to order email and text message blocks for the account.
Events & Webinars
Allows the user to create and manage online event registration forms.
Events: Reports Only
Allows the user to access events to review reports only.
Allows the user to create online surveys (either in Survista Lite or Survista Pro) and also allows the user to embed Survista Lite surveys in emails.
Content Manager
Allows the user to create landing pages and content in the content manager system.
Allows the user to create online fundraising forms that are used to collect donations online.
Allows the user access to the voting module.
Google Analytics
Allows the user to alter the Google Analytics settings for a single mailing. Note that only an administrator can change brand-level Google Analytics settings.
Allows the user to create, modify, test, activate campaigns module and to view campaign reporting.

Permission Granted

Setting permissions in Informz is easy, so make sure that you and your team have a sense of where everyone’s responsibilities fall!