Create a Send to Friend Link

A “Send This Mailing to a Friend” button or link allows your subscribers to forward a message without losing or compromising the original rendering of the mailing. It also allows you the ability to capture the email address that the subscriber forwards to! Setting this up in your email is a two part process.


Navigate to Mailings > Templates and either create or edit a template

Highlight the text or image that you would like to link to a Send to Friend form

Click the Insert Hyperlink toolbar button

Select Send to Friend Link in the Hyperlink Type menu

Click the Insert Hyperlink button to finish the process

You may also choose to add your Send to Friend link in the actual mailing (rather than in your template). If this is your preference, you must put the following code in your template where you wish for the “message from a friend” to be placed: %%SAF_MESSAGE%%

Where %%SAF_MESSAGE%% is located in the template is where the default note, or the note that the sender writes to his/her friend, appears.

Note: Wherever you decide to add the link, don’t forget to update the text version!

For templates, hover over your template name and select Text.

Select Recreate Text Template

Enable Send to Friend in a Template

Navigate to Mailings >Templates > View

Find the template you want to apply the feature to, hover over the icon to the left of the template name, and select Properties

Check the Use Send-to-Friend box triggering the Properties box to expand

Complete the Landing Page and Message to Friend fields and specify the message font.

With Send to Friend enabled in your Template, you'll never have to remember whether to enable this feature or not - it will always be there for you!

One Last Thing

Please note that Send to Friend Links are disabled in the online version of your mailing!

Check out the Mailing Activity Report

Make sure to monitor the use of Send to Friend by your subscribers by using the Send to Friend sub-report within the Mailing Activity Report! Check out the related articles to learn more!