URL Shortening with Bitly

URLs can be complicated. They often contain descriptive attributes that are useful to web developers, but confusing for regular users. In fact, because of these attributes, URLs can contain hundreds of characters! URL shorteners solve this problem by reducing a long URL to a unique shortened URL. This has an added benefit as well – shorter links are easier to memorize and share.

By default, Socializer uses Bitly to shorten URLs in your social posts. This industry-standard tool makes it easy share any hyperlink, especially those that can appear aesthetically unpleasing or otherwise cumbersome. Additionally, by shortening links, you’ll ensure that social platforms with strict character limits (such as Twitter) can include your hyperlinks.


Click Compose to begin a new social post. Enter a website URL to add to your post.

Socializer automatically analyzes the URL and uses Bitly to shorten it (this only takes a few seconds).

Disabling URL Shortening

If you wish to use complete URLs in your posts, Socializer has you covered.

Click the Gear menu icon in the top right of the interface to and select Preferences.

On the right navigation bar, click Publishing Preferences.

Under the URL Shortening header, click the Default URL Shortener dropdown list and select Don’t Shorten.

Click Save to finish and disable URL shortening.

Branded Short Domains

Branded Short Domains (BSDs) are domain URLs that take place of “bit.ly” in a shortened URL. A website must purchase a BSD from a third-party domain registrar. When you enter the URL for a website that uses a BSD, you’ll automatically see the shortened URL that has been designated by that website.

Short and Sweet

Shortened URLs in your posts help your audience share your hyperlinks easily and free your posts from character restrictions that could ultimately prevent you from sharing a hyperlink in the first place!