Upload/Manage Files in the Asset Manager

"A picture is worth a thousand words!"

Ask most people about the famous adage, and they will probably agree. After all, a great image goes a long way! Likewise, when you are creating your story layouts, templates, and mailings, you'll find that a picture might be the perfect addition.

The Asset Manager is a great tool that lets you upload your own images into Informz. In fact, you can not only add images, but you can manage and edit them as well. Essentially, the Asset Manager can act as your "Informz library!" Let's take a look at some of the basics.


Navigate to Mailings > Asset Manager to open the Asset Manager.

Click Upload.

In the Upload window, drag a file from your desktop or click Add Files to add a new file to the Asset Manager. If you choose to add a file, select the file from the File Upload window and click Open.

The file appears in the Asset Manager Upload window.

Click Upload.

After the progress bar reaches 100%, click Close.

The image is now available in the Asset Manager.

Managing Files

You have several additional options to manage files in the Asset Manager. Select your desired and click Manage to reveal the following options:

  • Cut/Copy/Paste
  • View: View the File.
  • Edit: Open the image editor (images only). Here, you can resize, rotate, and crop the image or apply different visual filters.
  • Rename: Rename the file.
  • Download: Save the file to your hard drive.
  • Remove: Delete the file from the Asset Manager.

Plan Your Clean-Up

There usually comes a point in time when you realize that the organizational structure you started out with for your images is no longer working. Often there is one folder over-stuffed with image upon image. This makes for a big list that's slower to load, as well as one that's more challenging to scan easily.

However, before you begin renaming, moving, or deleting images, you need to create a plan for doing this clean-up. Any previously sent mailings are dependent on the image being named the same way and being stored in the same folder as when the mailing was sent. If you delete, rename, or move an image that's in a mailing that a subscriber is reading once again, those actions will result in a broken link to the image.

The best strategy is to develop a new organizational structure while still leaving your old folder organization (or disorganization!) intact for a certain period of time. This let's your new mailings use the new way and your previously sent mailings use the old way. At some point in time in the future, you can then start deleting and moving so that Asset Manager is in tip top shape and everyone on your staff can quickly find and use the right image.

But Wait . . . There's More!

While you'll frequently use the Asset Manager for images, there are many more file types that you can upload. For example, you can use the Asset Manager to manage different PDFs that you would like to make available to your subscribers.