Upload a List of Unsubscribers

Uploading unsubscribers lets you manage many unsubscribed email addresses simultaneously. Note that by uploading subscribers this way, all email addresses in the uploaded file are marked as unsubscribers. Additionally, any new email addresses uploaded are added as new, "unsubscribed" subscribers.

There are two parts to uploading a list of unsubscribers:

  • Preparing your file
  • Uploading your file in Informz

​With this in mind, let's look at these steps in sequence.


Preparing Your File

You'll need to create a .txt file that contains email addresses for all your unsubscribers. Each email address must be its own line in the file.

If you've prepared your subscriber file as a spreadsheet, remove the header row and delete all columns except for the email address column. Please note that email addresses must be located in the first column of your spreadsheet.

Once you've formatted your spreadsheet, save it as a Text (Tab Delimited) file. This creates a formatted .txt file that you can upload to Informz.

Uploading Your File in Informz

In Informz, navigate to Subscribers > Upload > Upload Unsubscribers.

Click the I have a file radio button.

Click Choose File. Browse for the .txt file you created.

Click Upload.

You'll receive a confirmation message noting that your unsubscribers are being uploaded.

You'll also receive a confirmation email when your uploaded is complete. Click Click Here to view the results in your Upload History (Subscribers > Upload > Upload History).

Other Notes

If you upload a file with anything other than email addresses, you'll receive the following error message.

Click Back to return to the Upload Unsubscribers page to re-upload a new .txt file.

Gone, But Not Forgotten

Uploading a list of unsubscribers is an easy way to manage large lists of unsubscribers. However, remember that these unsubscribers remain as records in Informz. You can easily identify unsubscribers when you perform a subscriber search - they are listed with red font and have their Status set as Unsubscriber.

As always, contact your Advisor with any questions!