Upgrade iMIS Database

Are you and your organization getting ready to make the jump to a newer version of iMIS? Well then you've come to the right place!

The good news - no, GREAT news! - is that no code changes are needed in Informz to accommodate the upgrade. You can focus on all the iMIS technical details, and Informz will continue to work from the same integration code base.

However, just so we are in the loop, we always recommend that you contact your Advisor prior to any major iMIS or network changes that occur. This let's us do some extra monitoring to ensure that your connection between iMIS and Informz remains up and running.


Here are the steps to execute prior to your iMIS upgrade:

Notify your Advisor of the upcoming change. Preferably two to three weeks before it's scheduled to occur.

Check with your IT team to verify that the following information has remained the same:

  • IP Address
  • Database name
  • Port #
  • Username
  • Password

If you are using an IPSEC tunnel, be prepared to provide your Advisor with the following information:

  • Hosting provider or self-hosted
  • Name, email, and phone number of the client-side Network Engineer configuring the tunnel 
  • External IP address  
  • Internal IP address of the SQL Server that hosts the iMIS database (This may be an internal LAN IP address or an external IP address that you are NATing to the SQL Server.)
  • Phase 1  Authentication – IKE Proposal 
  • Phase 2  Encryption 

Database Things To Do

Ensure the following exist in your database:

  • The Informz user exists on the database (Databases > [database name] >Security > Users).
  • The Informz user also exists at the SQL SERVER level (Security > Logins).
  • The Informz user is listed as DB_OWNER on [database name].

Lastly, you should not be connecting to a named instance (e.g. SQL03\[database]).

If the above is set up properly, attempt to log into your SQL server with the Informz username/password, and be sure to select the server from the Server Name field and not the local server. If the login fails, you should see a more detailed message regarding why the login has failed.

If you have moved your iMIS database to a new server, there is a good chance that we will get a connection error. When the database is moved, the Informz login originally created at the system level is NOT moved to the new server. You may find an Informz login at the database level (this should be available), but it also needs to be at the system level. The Informz system login is our connection point, and when it’s not present or it is set up incorrectly, the bridge fails.

If you move your iMIS database to a new server, please run the following steps in SQL Server management studio to correct this:

Please check/run the following steps to make sure that your “informz” database user can connect properly.

1. Verify that the informz user is listed in BOTH security folders

a. One at the imis database level (security>users)

b. One at the server level (security>logins)

2. If it is missing in one of those, please create it there with public access to the new imis database. (Note that there may be an error when it is recreated. This is generally resolved by refreshing.)

3. Then execute this ms stored procedure to ‘unorphan’ the informz user:

EXEC sp_change_users_login 'Update_One', 'informz', 'informz'

PLEASE type out the EXEC command above – cut/paste will sometimes add extraneous hidden characters.

You will know the problem has been fixed if you are able to successfully log into SQL Server Management Studio as the Informz user. 

Movin' On Up (to Version 20.0 and Beyond)!

With your iMIS upgrade behind you can get back to thinking about getting the most out of the integration between Informz and iMIS. Remember, this integration will enhance your targeting, improve personalizations, and provide writebacks to help your subscribers and your team.