Troubleshooting an iMIS IPM Form

If you find that your iMIS remote interest target group is no longer part of your IPM form or target group folder, you may need to do some basic troubleshooting to resolve this concern. Let's learn how.

Unchecking an iMIS Remote Interest

Navigate to Subscribers > Profile Info > iMIS Remote Interests > Manage iMIS Remote Interests to display the form.

If an iMIS Remote Interest is currently on a form, and it becomes unchecked on this page, it is removed from that form (or any other forms on which it is found). This means that any subsequent use of that form does not afford the option of using this iMIS remote interest by a subscriber.

One More Thing!

If you decide to clean-up your IPM and start unchecking iMIS remote interests, please keep in mind the impact of doing this. You may have forms that no longer work as expected.