Transitioning to TD/MD 2

Are you ready to make the jump from the HTML Mailing Designer to the new Informz Template and Mailing Designers?

This article can help answer some of your questions about transitioning to Template Designer/Mailing Designer 2 (TD/MD 2) from the old HTML Designers.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access TD/MD 2?

On the navigation bar in your Informz account, you'll see two icons. The TD/MD 2 icon is shown in the image below:

There are four navigation options:

  • Create: Choose to create a mailing from one of the following options:
    • Mailing: Opens Mailing Designer 2
    • From HTML: Opens the HTML Paste option
  • View: Opens the list of Mailings 2 List Page.
  • Templates 2: Opens the Templates 2 List Page (with the option to Create a Template)
  • Asset Manager: Opens the Informz Asset Manager.

Is TD/MD 2 separate from the HTML Template/Mailing Designer?

Yes. TD/MD 2 is its own entity within your Informz account. TD/MD 2 templates and mailings live in a separate area of your account from the ones designed with the HTML Template/Mailing Designer.

How does TD/MD 2 differ from the HTML Template/Mailing Designer?

TD/MD 2 differs from the HTML Designers in many ways. First, Template Designer 2 features an new drag-and-drop design interface. Second, the burden of having to know HTML has been lifted! This streamlines the process from “Beginning to Send,” and gives you the functionality to protect your organization’s design and branding. Finally, it is automatically responsive; it has all the responsive design elements built behind-the-scenes.

How long can we access to the HTML Template/Mailing Designer within Informz?

You'll still have access to the HTML Template/Mailing Designer during your transition period along with all of your published mailings and reports. This feature will not be turned off, and you can still send mailings from these designers. Our team will work with you to migrate your designs from the HTML Template/Mailing Designer to TD/MD 2.

What is the process for moving to TD/MD 2? How long will the transitional period last?

This is totally up to you! Feel free to reach out to your Advisor to come up with a transition plan for your templates and mailings.

How do I convert my existing HTML Templates to TD/MD 2.0? Is there a “convert” button I can click?

These templates will need to be recreated using Template Designer 3. There is no functionality to automatically convert them. Your Advisor can help you to map out a plan to recreate previous designs as well as to look at new designs.

Can I use my pre-existing HTML Story Layouts in TD/MD 2 mailings?

You won't be able to use your existing HTML Story Layouts in TD/MD 2 mailings. You can create Custom Layouts for your TD/MD 2 templates.

Can I use TD/MD 2 templates and mailings in Campaign Designer?

Yes! Campaign Designer currently supports TD/MD 2 templates and mailings.

Can I still access the Asset Manager in TD/MD 2?

Yes, TD/MD 2 is connected directly to the same Asset Manager that the HTML Template/Mailing Designer uses.

Can I still access the Virtual Inbox tool? 

Yes! You'll still be able to run a Virtual Inbox Test to see how your mailing looks in a variety of desktop and mobile email clinets. Virtual Inbox tests are block-based in TD/MD 2 . To run a Virtual Inbox test, the account must have a block of prepaid tests. See this article for more details regarding Virtual Inbox test blocks or check your Informz account.

Have Opt-Outs changed?

Somewhat. Currently the "Insert Opt-Out Hyperlink" option is not available. To facilitate an opt-out, create a Landing Page - styling it to your liking, and remember it's natively responsive! -  and add the interest that represents the opt-out. Then just hyperlink your opt-out text to the Landing Page.

Has inserting a Send A Friend link changed?

The view on the appropriateness of using a "Send A Friend" link has been more intensely discussed recently. More and more it seems that there is less receptivity to the feature. We have opted to not implement "Send A Friend" in TD/MD 2. An appropriate alternative is to use social share to make the web version of the mailing available on a subscriber's personal social network.