Transactional Module Overview

Transactional mailings are mailings that are based on a business relationship between two entities, and these mailings are considered "business as usual." They range from bills to receipts to any other transaction-based communication. However, while transactional mailings are typically considered outside the realm of typical email marketing communications, Informz has you covered when you need to manage your transactional mailings through the Transactional Module.

In Informz, transactional mailings typically contain the same pieces as any other mailing: you'll use a template, a target group, etc. A transactional mailing, however, can also have a PDF attachment that contains information about the transaction at hand (such as an invoice). In fact, transactional mailings do not even need to contain "regular" content (such as stories) and can simply consist of the template and attached PDF.

The transactional module ultimately allows for greater efficiency when you are able to couple your transactional mailings with your regular mailings (especially if you are using an integrated database).


When working with a transactional mailing, there are two types of templates you'll need to consider. The first is the standard mailing template used for any mailing in Informz and the second is a unique transactional template called an attachment template. The attachment template tells Informz how the attachment needs to look. The data placed in that template is merged from your recipient data file or SQL view and then placed into the template for each mailing recipient.

Recipient Data File

The data merged into the attachment or transactional mailing can be pulled from a separate recipient data file that is uploaded when the transactional mailing is first created. For example, if an invoice requires seven pieces of data - first name, last name, organization, amount due, due date, quantity of order, and date of order - all seven pieces of data for each transactional mailing must be a part of the uploaded recipient data file.

SQL View

If you are not using a recipient data file, you can instead use a SQL view from an iMIS integrated database to bring data into a transactional mailing. As above, if there are seven pieces of data needed, the database must contain these data and they must be added to the SQL view so that they can be brought into the transactional mailing.

Notes About Transactional Mailings

  • Transactional mailings only accept personalization codes associated with the recipient data file or SQL view. They cannot accept other personalization fields.
  • Only iMIS SQL views can be set as recurring transactional mailings.
  • If a recurring mailing is sent immediately (Send Now), Informz overrides the recurring mailing, and the mailing is no longer sent on a recurring schedule.
  • If a recurring mailing is set to On Hold, no additional mailings are created/sent.

Become a Transactional Hero!

Once you learn about Informz's transactional module, you'll be equipped with everything you need to manage transactional mailings. Check out the related articles to learn more.