Personalization Test

Using personalizations in your mailings makes it look like you are targeting each individual subscriber. It is a good idea to make sure that when you use personalizations that everyone has that field completed in Informz. If any records have that field blank, they'll show up when you click Personalization Test. In this case, you want to make sure that a default value is set!


In the Mailing Designer, navigate to the Test ‚Äčtab.

Click Personalization Test.

If any subscribers are missing any of the personalization information, they appear in the results.

Click Set Personalizations Default to set a default for anyone who did has a blank entry for the personalization field.

Enter a default value.

Click Save Defaults.

Anyone who did not complete the personalization field will see the default value instead. In the above example, anyone with an incomplete "First Name" field sees the default "Valued Member" instead.

Wait, There's More!

Setting a default value for a personalization is easy, but there are other ways to make it appear as though you are targeting your mailing to each individual subscriber. Check out the related articles to learn more!