Overview of Campaign Reporting

If you are already familiar with the reporting features for your mailings in Informz, then you're also familiar with how robust these reporting tools are. You'll find the same type of powerful reporting for Campaigns as well. Viewing your reporting data is a great way to determine if your subscribers are interacting with campaigns in the way that you hoped, and it's also a great way for you to see how close you are to achieving any goals that you have set for you campaigns.

Viewing the Reporting Data

Navigate to Marketing Automation > Campaign and then click either the Active tab or the Archive tab. Hover over the Menu icon to the left of the name of your desired campaign and click Report.

If you view the report for campaigns that are in the Active tab, the report displays the current reporting data. Because the campaign is still active, these results change over time as subscribers go through the campaign. If you are viewing the reporting for campaigns in the Archive tab, the results do not change unless the campaign is reactivated and additional subscribers are fed through the campaign.

Report Tabs

The first part of the report that you'll see is the Overview tab.

The Overview tab displays things like basic details about what type of campaign this was, the method in which it was activated, a summary of subscriber activity in the campaign, a meter that displays how close you are to meeting any campaign goals that you set, and the familiar benchmarking info for the Open, Click, Delivery, and Unsubscribe rates.

The Flow tab displays the canvas view of the campaign.

The Subscribers tab displays a list view of the subscribers and testers that have gone through, or that are going through, the campaign.

The Mailings tab displays a list view of the mailings that were used in the campaigns.

Archived Campaigns

When you deactivate a campaign, all the gathered data stay and all subscribers going through the campaign are held at the step that they occupied when the campaign was deactivated. However, if you reactive the campaign, the reporting begins from the subscribers' last updated campaign step.

Extra! Extra! Read All About It!

Whether it's hot off the presses or an older edition, the real news about the performance of your campaigns is all in the reporting. Are you successful in achieving the campaign goals that you have set? Is it taking your subscribers a reasonable amount of time to go through the campaign? Are you meeting your benchmarks? You'll find the answers in your reporting data, and  from there you can use that information to make the proper adjustments to your campaigns to really get the scoop in the future!