The Template Tab

Do you need to modify the look and feel of your mailing without changing the overall content? If so, you've come to the right place! The Template tab in Mailing Designer 2 (MD2) displays every available template that you can apply to your mailings.

Accessing the Template Tab

When you create a new mailing or open an existing one, Informz immediately opens MD2 on the Design tab. Simply click the Template to the left to navigate to the Template tab. Here, you'll see a gallery of all your available templates. Remember, a template creator must activate the template before it becomes available.

The gallery always lists the currently-used template first. If you want to find a template in a different folder, click the Folder dropdown list to select your desired folder. 

Click a different template thumbnail to use it for your mailing. 

Informz will attempt to automatically migrate any mailing content or stories you have from the old template to the new template (see below). However, if the new template does not have enough available Mailing Content Areas, you may see some content truncated or lost.

Original Template

New Template

Editing Templates from MD2

Sometimes you may need to quickly edit your template while working on a mailing. You can do this directly from the Template tab.

Click Edit to open TD2 (this automatically saves your work in MD2).

When you’ve made all your modifications, click Return. The MD2 Design tab opens automatically with the updated template (you will see a warning message noting that there is a new template available).

Additional Details

Always keep in mind the following details about the Template tab:

  • The template used in the mailing always displays as the first item (regardless of the folder selection).
  • You can edit the in-use template even if that template is deactivated.
  • You cannot edit an in-use template if it has been deleted. This disables the Edit button.

It's important to remember that only users with template editing permissions can make changes directly from MD2.

They're Everywhere

You can find templates wherever you look - in manufacturing molds, software applications, and even our DNA! This is, naturally, because they are so useful! With a well-designed template behind your mailing, you're sure to spread your message with ease.