The Target Group Pop-Up

One of the great things about Informz is the amount of information you have available whenever you need it. Couple this with Informz’s versatile target groups, and you’ll find everything you need to truly understand the ins and outs of your subscriber base.

An excellent starting point on your journey toward mailing enlightenment is the target group pop-up. Within this humble window is a trove of knowledge that can answer many of questions. Each tab provides a different insight, so with this in mind, let’s look at what you’ll find!


To access the target group pop-up, simply hover over the Menu icon for your desired target group and click Info.


The Overview tab gives you a few key insights right off the bat. First and foremost, you’ll see a bold number identifying the number of active subscribers within the selected target group. At the top of the tab, you’ll see the criteria used to generate the target group. And, at the bottom of the tab, you’ll see a notification that indicates the last mailing that used this target group.


The Counts tab expands upon the information in the Overview tab and dives quite a bit deeper. Here, you’ll see information on Subscribers Counts, Unique Emails (i.e. Unique Email Addresses), Repeat Bouncers (with the corresponding Unsubscribe button), and Active Subscribers. Furthermore, Informz generates pie charts to visually represent the composition of your target group (to download these charts for use within your organization, simply click on the Menu icon in the upper right corner).


You’ll find additional pie charts in the Metrics tab. Here, you’ll find information on key metrics and performance areas such as Opens, Bounces, Clicks, and Email Client. To really take advantage of the Metrics tab, use the Time Span filters in the upper right corner to drill down even further. Just like the Counts tab, you can download these pie charts by clicking the Menu icon.


The Subscribers tab lists each and every subscriber in your target group. This list is searchable by clicking Search.

Click on a subscriber’s email address to view that subscriber’s information.

Active Mailings

The Active Mailings tab shows all in-use mailings (e.g. triggered mailings, campaign mailings, etc.) that use this target group. This list is searchable by clicking Search.

Sent Mailings

Similar to Active Mailings, the Sent Mailings tab shows all mailings that have been sent using this target group. This list is searchable by clicking Search.

Expand (Compound Target Groups Only)

If your target group is a compound target group, you’ll have access to one additional tab: the Expand tab. This tab lets you view the included and excluded target groups within that compound so you know exactly who to expect as a subscriber.

Awaken Your Informz Senses!

Now that you know what to expect along the target group pop-up path, you’re ready to go! After all, a higher understanding of target groups is possible when you take the time to awaken your Informz senses and understand the information at your command.