The Subscriber Pop-Up

Subscribers are the keystone of your mailing campaigns. After all, without your subscribers, you’d have no one to receive your mailings! As an email marketer, you’ll often find that you need to know a bit more about the people who read your mailings. If you want to understand more about your individual subscribers, the Subscriber Pop-Up is the perfect page for you! Over several tabs, it provides a wealth of details about each subscriber in your database.


To access the subscriber pop-up for an individual subscriber, navigate to Subscribers > Search.

Enter any search criteria necessary to find the desired subscriber. When the subscriber displays, hover over the Menu icon and select Details & History.


The Subscriber Pop-Up is organized into several different tabs that provide specific details about different subscriber aspects. Note that some of these tabs connect back to other reports in Informz. For example, the Web Tracking tab is also accessible via Informz’s Web Tracking reports.


The Overview tab provides high-level details about a subscriber. Here, you can view a subscriber’s Persona details, Engagement Score, Lead Score, and Primary Email Client Type. Additionally, you’ll have access to statistics about deliverability (such as mailings sent and opened) and charts that help you explore a subscriber’s engagement even further.


The Mailings tab lets you see a subscriber’s comprehensive mailing history, including the mailing name, date, and whether or not it was delivered, opened, or clicked.

Web Tracking

The Web Tracking tab provides a detailed history of a subscriber’s interactions with different web pages within your domain.


The Opt-in tab displays information about a subscriber’s subscription history. Any changes to subscription status are reflected in the Subscription History table.


The Edit tab allows you to modify a subscriber’s details (such as email address). You’ll be presented with different, expandable menus that let you change these details based on category (personal information, interests, etc.) – the fields within each category correspond directly to the profile fields that you have built into your account.

If you make any changes, click Submit to save them.


The Unsubscribe tab allows you to manually unsubscribe a subscriber. Additionally, you can enter an explanation for why the subscriber has chosen to no longer receive mailings.

If a subscriber is currently unsubscribed, this tab will be labeled Resubscribe and you can resubscribe from here.

Score History

The Score History tab tracks a subscriber’s Engagement and Lead scores over time.

Landing Pages

The Landing Pages tab tracks a subscriber’s interaction with your landing pages. You’ll be able to track whether a landing page was started, submitted, etc.

Getting to Know You

Getting to know the Subscriber Pop-Up is an essential tool in getting to know your subscriber base. By managing your subscribers and by understanding where your subscribers engage with you and where they don’t, you’ll be prepared to improve your marketing efforts exponentially.