The Style Flyout Menu (Part 2)

As mentioned in Part 1, the Style flyout menu is the command center for styling your landing page. In this article, you’ll learn about the final tabs of the menu: Input Fields, Checkbox Fields, Button, and Validation Message. Accessing the Style Flyout Menu and overviews of the first three tabs are located in Part 1.

Input Fields

The Input Fields tab allows you to manage the style of your input fields (Personal Info, Demographic, Captcha, and Email).

  • Label Option: The label location for your input element (inside, above, or to the left of the element).
  • Line Height: The print lead in pixels.
  • Letter Spacing: The kerning (character spacing) between letters in the text.
  • Label Font: The label font, color, and style.
  • Input Font: The input font, color, and style.
  • Input Border: The input border size, color, and line type.
  • Input Box: The properties of the input box that surrounds the input field.

Checkbox Fields

The Checkbox Fields tab allows you to manage the style of your Interest or Demographic elements. This includes padding and font size, color, and style for both the Interest heading and checkbox items.


You can style the button that submits an input form on your landing page. For example, instead of an HTML button, you can upload an image.

Click Use Image to open the image upload option.

If you want an HTML button, you can style the background, border, border radius, padding, font, line height, and letter spacing.

Validation Message

Use the Validation Message section to stylize the message for all required fields. You can modify the message location, background, border, padding, font, and font style. The Style flyout displays an example of what the field looks like in on your landing page.

Design Time!

Now that you’ve seen all the styles you can control with the Style flyout menu, give it a try! Informz provides all the tools you need to make your landing page match your creative vision!