The KnowledgeBase

The KnowledgeBase is your home for everything you need to hit the ground running with Informz. From general information to introductions to how-to guides, the KnowledgeBase provides you with a one-stop shopping experience for Informz.


After logging into Informz, navigate to the top right of your screen. Click the Search field to search the KnowledgeBase.

In the Help Articles pop-up, enter a search term and click the Magnifying Glass icon.

All related help articles will be displayed. Click the article name to navigate to the corresponding KnowledgeBase topic.

To open the KnowledgeBase in its own browser tab, click the Visit the full Informz KnowledgeBase link in the pop-up window. This exposes all of the functionality of The KnowledgeBase for you.

Inside the KnowledgeBase

When you are inside the KnowledgeBase, use the left Navigation Bar to find any articles you need (the search bar is still available within the navigation bar). Some articles have a Triangle icon, indicating that they expand to reveal additional sub-articles.

Click on the article title to open it.

Knowledge is Power!

Now that you know how to harness the amazing power of the KnowledgeBase, never shy away from delving deeper and expanding your mind. You never know what cool new tips and tricks you will learn!