The Engage Tab

While the web might seem like it’s overflowing with different social platforms, diving into the world of social media with Informz’s Socializer makes it easy to navigate! Using the Engage tab lets you interact with all your social platforms in one convenient location.


The Engage tab is always the first tab in the Socializer menu. Click Engage, and you’ll navigate directly to your Inbox.


The Inbox (aka “Priority Inbox”) gathers all your social media activity into a single stream. To filter your stream, simply select one from the right sidebar.

Additionally, you can filter by channel (any social media platform you have chosen to integrate with):

Finally, you can search your Inbox using different keywords and terms.


There are several ways that you can directly interact with any posts that come through your Inbox from the Inbox itself! You’ll find the interaction icons in the top right corner of the post.

You can use any of the following interactions:

  • Like: Like the post from your social account.
  • Retweet: Retweet the post to your Twitter account.
  • Repost: Repost the message using the Compose Feature (New Message).
  • Reply: Reply to the post.
  • Translate: Translate the post to English.
  • Archive: Archive the post.
  • Assign: Assign a corresponding task to one of your social account users.
  • Reply All: Reply to all posts.


Your outbox is where all your outgoing posts are collected and categorized.

  • Sent: Any social posts that you have already sent.
  • Scheduled: Social posts that you have composed and scheduled.
  • Queued: Any social posts that remain in the queue to post.
  • Drafts: Draft social posts that have saved.
  • Calendar: A high-level calendar where you can see all your posting activity. The calendar is interactive, and you can drag and drop and/or rearrange posts to best fit your strategy. Furthermore, you can filter the calendar by Scheduled, Sent, Team Member, or Social Channel.
  • Bounced: A list of any social posts that did not publish successfully.


The Tasks options allow you to keep track of any tasks you have assigned yourself or others as well as to keep a record of any completed tasks.

Keeping Your Priorities Straight!

The Engage tab, especially the inbox, is intended to display important messages that you might need to view and respond to. To monitor your social channels in real time, set up streams where possible!