How to Test Campaigns

Testing is an important step of designing a campaign. To verify that all of the steps in the campaign are working as expected, you should always put at least one person through the campaign as a tester, before adding real subscribers to the live campaign. You may need to put a tester through the campaign multiple times to verify all possible campaign paths. You can stop a test at any time by clicking Stop Test in the Flow tab.

When in test mode, each wait step takes ten minutes - all other steps are processed as the tester moves through the campaign.

While this can take some time to execute all of the paths in your campaign, it's a worthwhile investment of your time. Once it's done, it's done!


Navigate to Marketing Automation > Campaigns > View to see your campaigns.

Hover over the icon to the left of the campaign's name and select Edit.

Navigate to the Test tab.

In the test tab, enter individual email addresses to add as testers, and click Begin Test.

If a campaign is being tested, you can jump back into the In Progress tab and select View Test.

In the flow tab of the Test view, you can see each step of the campaign, and you can see which testers are in which step of the campaign by looking for the number bubbles above the steps. 

You can click on Add Tester in the upper right hand corner of the screen to add additional testers.  Alternatively, navigate back to Marketing Automation  > Campaigns > View, in the In Progress tab, you hover over the icon for a campaign that's being tested, and select Add Test Subscriber.

Test Your Mettle...and Your Campaigns

Testing your campaigns will help you verify that your campaigns will run smoothly for each of the subscribers that are added to them.  A fully tested campaign is a strong campaign, and strong campaigns avoid headaches for you!