Test a Transactional Mailing

Informz lets you test any transactional mailings before they are sent. Let's learn how!


On the Transactional Mailings page, hover over the Menu icon and select View and Test to open the Transactional Mailing Data page. This page displays the data for all recipients in the transactional mailing file along with their associated information fields.

In the resulting list, hover over the Menu icon for a recipient and select View on Screen.

The selected recipient's information displays on the Test Transactional Mailing page.

You'll see the mailing and recipient name along with the Format option (HTML or Text) and Test Method option (View on Screen, Email It, or Spam Filter Test). Once you've made your selections, click Submit to view the results. You'll see the mailing as the recipient would and, if available, have the option to view the transactional document as a PDF (see below).

Test Every Time!

Though you've probably heard many, many times, it never hurts to repeat it: always test your mailings before sending. Test often and you'll never run into a mailing faux pas!