Tentative Send Date.

A good way to stay organized is to set a tentative send date for each mailing. By doing so, everyone on your team will know "who's sending what, when" by simply taking a peek at the Informz calendar. If you have concerns about sending too many mailings, or if you need to keep oversight over other child accounts using Informz, this is an invaluable tool.

It is important to note that a tentative date is simply a goal or potential target. Using this field does not schedule a mailing. You will still need to use the options on the Send tab to select the send date and time.


Navigate to Mailings > View > Set-Up tab. 

Scroll down to the Advanced section and click the Plus Sign (+) to expand this section.

Click Edit next to the Tentative Send Date

A new window will appear. Select the date by selecting the day on the calendar. The selected day will be highlighted in white; the current day will be highlighted in yellow.

Drag the corresponding sliders to set the Hour and Minute.

Click Done.

The date and time will  appear in the Tentative Send Date field as well as on the Informz Calendar. 


Don't forget that the tentative date you set is only a placeholder. It does not confirm that the mailing is scheduled. To send the mailing, you will have to navigate to the Send tab and manually schedule or send it.

In the event that your tentative send date has passed, Informz will prompt you to select a new tentative send date when you edit the mailing.